What Do Lawyers Do in Court Proceedings?


Being a lawyer is not an easy task as you have to fully embody the ideals and duty of a fully-pledge lawyer when dealing with clients, society and the court. It is a responsibility which could in fact affect not only the reputation of your fellow lawyers but more often the reputation of the entire bar members. It is not an easy and a petty matter which can be ignore if you want to.

Being lawyer is coupled with so much expectations, responsibilities and actions pertaining to assisting the underprivileged in the society. The social justice measures provide that those who have less in life should have more in law. It goes to show that every provision must always have to consider the cause of the underprivileged. And to make this expressed and concrete in the constitution, a provision on the right of a pauper to file criminal cases without the need to pay docket fees or fines are granted to them.

Therefore, the court appoints de officio a lawyer in any court proceeding who will act as a counsel for the pauper. The court has discretion as to who should be appointed from the members of the bar according to the need and availability of the matter. However, it is not always real quick since the pauper must have to prove that he is incapacitated or not earning a sufficient income for himself and is not able to pay for docket fees required to file a case.

Criminal Defense Attorney or general lawyers are them given the challenge or task to defend such pauper or any person before court proceedings whether it is an ex parte or a pro bono case. Lawyers under the ethical rules or canon for ethical responsibilities are obliged to be competent enough to defend their client from the start until the end of the proceeding. They cannot just abandon the cause of their client at the middle of the session as it would constitute a gross immoral conduct and a violation of the judicial ethics of lawyers.

The scope of the trial which criminal lawyers have to carry for their clients involves the trial, bail hearings, appeals and other remedial measures that will further help the cause of their client. They must have to prepare a right theory of defense in criminal proceedings to be able to properly bridge and help their client get through the complaint filed by the complainant. Know more about the Child Custody Lawyer.


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